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Bowlds Animation Stand
Richardson-Bowlds RB-300 Animation Stand

The Bowlds animation stand, pictured above, was the predecessor to the Richardson-Bowlds RB-300 amination stand. The above stand was designed in the 1950s by E. H. Bowlds Engineering, Los Angeles, CA.
By the 1960s, Lee Richardson joined forces with E. H. Bowlds, and then later with Sickles Inc. of Scottsdale, AR. Collectively this group manufactured a variety of animation stands including the Richardson-Bowlds RB-100, RB-200, and the RB-300. Due to it's superior design, the RB-300 soon became an industry standard for television animation on the West Coast. In the 1980s, the number of these stands sill left in the USA shrank, as many domestic studios sent their RB-300s overseas where animation labor costs were cheaper.


The Richardson-Bowlds RB-300 animation stand, pictured above, was used at Perennial Pictures from 1988 until 2004.
According to a copy of a 1960 Richardson-Bowlds price list, the RB-300 sold for $12,750 new. Perennial Pictures bought the stand (pictured above) in 1988 for about $20,000. Mechanically the stand was in excellent shape, but before it could be put into service, a complete rewiring job was required.
In 2004, all production at the studio was converted to digital mediums and, after 16 years of service at Perennial Pictures, the RB-300 was finally retired.

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